Stir-fried bok choy with chicken is among the easiest, yet flavorful preparations of Asian dishes that I like to cook. Bok choy pairs beautifully with almost any meat or fish, and if you don't want to use meat, it is also exceptional on its own too! You can also swap out the bok choy for other greens including broccoli. Original photo source via myrecipes Let the cooking begin! Ingredients Amount Prep Bok choy 2-6 bunches (approx. 1.5 lbs) Washed and trimmed (leafy

If you feel like you can't get a good cardio session in without music, you're not alone.  There is perfectly good scientific reasoning that shows that music does help you during a workout and boost motivation. Why Workout with Music? Music helps with motivation - but that's largely dependent on the type of music you listen to. To start, music that is energetic, rhythmic, and has a strong beat will motivate one to keep up

Introducing James! If you've stopped by Le Physique in the afternoons, you were most likely greeted by this guy. Learn more about him in the Q&A below! Q: What’s your role at Le Physique? A: I’m the Client Care Manager and Cardio Trainer. I take care of all the admin work, greet clients and prescribe cardio programs. I am currently a Kinesiology at UBC. Q: What inspired you study kinesiology? A: I’ve always been

Wanting to get a head start on that Christmas vibe? If you're looking a place to walk outside and get some physical activity in and maybe pick out your ugly Christmas sweater, head on to some of these events this November! Great for family fun, fresh air and feeling festive. Lights of Hope St Paul's An annual festivity, Lights of Hope uses donated material to create decorations, along with thousands of light bulbs

Meet Oona, one of the kinesiologists at Le Physique! Here's a little Q&A to get to know her better:   Q: What’s your role at Le Physique? A: I’m a kinesiologist and studio coordinator. So I look after the clients face-to-face and behind the scenes, making sure everything is running smoothly. Q: What inspired you study kinesiology? A: I initially went into kinesiology because I love sports. I also have an intrigue for how the