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Most of Canada is slowly recuperating from the COVID pandemic, and the reopening of gyms, with the Vaccine Passport, is proof of that. In Vancouver, people can now decide to reactivate their memberships and find their way back to the gym, provided they have proof of vaccination. 

So, how are Vancouver gyms taking measures against COVID-19? Is it safe to go back to your routine workouts along with other people in the gym? 

A gym’s safety depends on several factors, including the facility’s steps to mitigate the risk and the number of active COVID-19 cases in the region. The lower the risk, the higher the chance that the gym is safe for other people who want to go. 

To put things into perspective, there are several ways in which COVID-19 can be transmitted through sweat and saliva contact. For example, the virus can be transmitted directly (like a handshake or a hug) and through shared equipment like benches, weights, and other exercise machines. 

The Government Says Gyms Are Still At Risk

According to a recently published online ranking of activities and their corresponding risk levels, gyms are “high risk” by the federal government. Public transportation, nightclubs cruise ships and concert also share this same label. 

Nonetheless, this doesn’t automatically mean that gyms aren’t – or shouldn’t be – allowed to operate. The government clarifies that risk levels depend upon other factors, i.e., the commitment to upholding social distancing rules and wearing face masks. 

High Propensity for COVID-19 Exposure

Closed spaces have the highest impact on the level of exposure to the virus, and so are large crowds and extended exposures. The risk of catching COVID-19 is higher when people are too close to each other (i.e., public transportation). This can be compared to a crowded nightclub or a crowded gym.  In a crowded gym, virus’ exposure is high because of the congestion and the highly active nature of the people inside. 

Making Vancouver Gyms Safe

The best way to safeguard yourself against this virus is to obviously get vaccinated. Vancouver gyms are taking advantage of the reopening by implementing new procedures and discussing ways to ensure safety for their members with local authorities. Some of the measures include sanitizing equipment before and after use, mandatory wearing face masks, and installing hand disinfectants at entry points. 

Improved Ventilation Systems

One way gyms can decrease the spread virus is to improve the ventilation systems. A well-ventilated gym gets rid of sweat particles and bacteria that come from everyone while working out. Unfortunately, upgrading the ventilation is costly, but gym and fitness studio owners might not have a choice. Thankfully at Le Physique has plenty of wide open spaces, lots of room, and a good ventilation system that minimizes the spread of airborne contaminants. 

Air filters can’t take the place of proper ventilation systems. As a result, the virus travels through the air and sticks to the surfaces. Hence, the safest Vancouver gyms disinfect the entire facility regularly, combined with improved ventilation.

A Big “NO” for Fans

Fans are considered hotbeds for virus propagation, so gyms are encouraged to avoid always having them inside the facility. This includes the showers and dressing rooms. 

Fans work by blowing contaminated air in a closed space. Their presence negates the very purpose of social distancing. This may not apply to every situation, but the general idea is that their presence increases the risk. 

Re-Arranging the Gym Equipment

The placement of gym equipment plays a massive role in the COVID-19 fight. For instance, weights and benches must have a reasonable distance from one another for increased personal space. At Le Physique, we only offer personalized workouts meaning that you aren’t bumping into other people. You have your own space the entire time so social distancing is one thing you don’t have to worry about. 

Experts recommend using hand disinfectants in all places possible, including the way to the weights area and the locker rooms. If possible, gym owners are encouraged to have an antiseptic hand gel beside every piece of equipment. 

Doing Your Part to Reduce the Risks

Gym and fitness center owners in Vancouver are doing their part to ensure the safety of their members within their premises. But you do have a part to play here. First, be responsible enough to acknowledge everyone’s concern about getting exposed to COVID-19. 

A Good Rule of Thumb

When a gym opens its doors, it’s important to check its investment in social distancing and other measures. This could give you a good idea about whether you should go there or not.  

At the end of the day, the best thing to do is avoid exposure at all costs. Taking extra precautions can save lives. Make sure you get vaccinated before going back to your fitness routine. If you have any questions about hat Le Physique is doing to protect your health against COVID-19 then please email or phone us and we’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

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